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About Us

We are so privileged to be a part of this community and A School for the Mind and Body thanks you!!

Our community continues to grow and needs a consistent quality preschool program for their children. SFMB believes that we are a part of meeting that need.

Our Mind & Body Babies Program has been designed to provide infant care that is not only safe and secure but will stimulate your baby with infant mind and body movement. Transitions Toddlers creates a stimulating, yet caring and nurturing, environment for toddlers to reach their developmental milestones.  Caregivers will talk, sing, and interact with your child to encourage and foster their growth in all areas of development. Terrific Two’s Program will motivate your two year old into realizing and understanding how terrific he/she is.

The SFMB Preschool Program is a three hour program and is available to ages 3 & 4.

We also offer a Y-5’s and Kindergarten Program with a Kindergarten curriculum that is based on the standards set up by the State of Michigan.

For your school age children our After School Mind Games Program is a latchkey program designed to offer your school age child up to 12 years old a safe and homework friendly environment.

Each summer SFMB offers our Summer Explorers that is available to ages 6½ weeks to 12 years old. This summer program allows you to decide your schedule and pay for only when you attend!

We are truly excited to be an extension of your quality home and a daily part of your children’s lives. Please call us with any further questions or for enrollment.

Believing that parents everywhere are looking for an educational environment that will encourage the same life skills and values taught at home, A School for the Mind and Body (SFMB) in Clarkston/Lake Orion offers preschool programs for children ages 6½ weeks to 4 years old that are dedicated to intellectual, social and personal development. We are a Character Education based preschool with a strong emphasis on Nutrition and Exercise. In addition to its preschool program, SFMB offers an academically-focused Young 5’s and Kindergarten program and provides tutoring services to meet the specific needs of its students. For more information, visit www.schoolforthemindandbody.com or call 248-814-7100.