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After School Mind Games

After School Mind Games (ASMG) has been designed to help both the parent and the child. During the time your child is at A School for the Mind & Body the time will be divided into two parts.

The first part Mind will be an educational component consisting of:

  • The child completing his / her homework assignment. (If a child needs a tutor in a subject one will be made available at an additional cost.)
  • Playing an educational computer game.
  • Playing an organized game featuring math, reading, or science learning activities.

The second part Games is a time for the child to "let loose." Our facility will have outdoor play available with organized games such as basketball, soccer, football or baseball. Inside play will also be made available with board games, crafts, computer games, etc. The philosophy of SFMB After School Mind Games program is homework first and play second. When it is time for your child to go home you have the assurance that their homework is done and there has been an adequate playtime and snack.

SFMB ASMG operating hours are 7:00 a.m. until the start of school and after school until 6:00 p.m. Should your family have a special need please bring it to our attention. We are happy to serve you.

Reg fee:  $50.00
Hourly rate: $8.50